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We need IP addresses to make the Internet more efficient and uninterrupted. The interfaces of these IP addresses vary according to the brands and models of modems. Each modem type has a different interface screen and an IP address. One of these IP protocols , also allows users to make modem settings.

What is ?

The IP address supports  16,000,000 hosts per 127 networks. So it is one of the class A IP addresses. All IP addresses between the first octets 1-126 are considered class A. This IP protocol, which is one of these addresses, allows you to set the settings of your modem manually. You can make your internet more efficient and useful thanks to this system that facilitates your work and gives you authorization.

How to login ? To access IP protocol, you first need an electronic device such as computer, tablet and mobile phone. Then your modem needs to have internet and Wifi connection turned on. Otherwise, you cannot enter the interface from these devices. After connecting to your modem’s wifi, you need to enter the username and password information on the back or bottom of your modem to . To enter this address, you must enter the name exactly in the search bar. Once you have filled in the relevant fields, you can directly enter the interface of the modem. Login and password information to use to log in at http://iprouter.info/default-router-passwords-list.html .

What You Can Do with

The IP protocol allows you to make many models and internet transactions over a single interface. You can create your own user name and password for this securely protected system interface. This will make your modem interface more secure and it won’t be possible for someone other than you to change your modem’s settings. Then, after guaranteeing your system, you can perform all of your modem settings in a practical and convenient way over the interface. The system has settings and menus that facilitate user operation. You can set names for your modem, set passwords, MAC Filter, monitor connected devices, browse your DSL network, initiate modem installation, re-save your settings after resetting, and so on. you can perform different functions.

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