The IP address is a number that users mistakenly write on search engines to reach the modem interfaces.  It is actually the IP address , The ip address you use to reach the modem interface must be instead of .  You can access the admin panel of your modem by typing the correct ip .

(Note: We often encounter false calls to this ip address on the internet, such as 192.168 0.1.1,

http 192.168 o 1.1 admin, or 192.168 0.1 login.)

Router setup page

To access the Router setup page, you must be able to connect to the ip address from your pc, notebook or mobile phone and access the mod.

How do I login router setup page?

First of all, if you want to make this on your desktop computer, you need to connect  by CAT cable between your desktop computer and the router provided with the router. One end of the CAT cable will be plugged into the Ethernet port of your desktop computer,  the other end will connect to one of your router’s LAN ports. At the same time, your desktop computer’s ip and dns configuration must be in an automatic location.

Secondly, if you need to connect to the router via notebook or phone, you have to be connected to the router via wifi . If you have problems with this, we recommend you to connect to the router with the first method.  Admin Login

To reach the Modem interface with the IP address, type in the address line of your browser and press enter. The user name and password information of the mode must be entered on the screen that appears.

Here you can find the router default username and password at the default router password list.

If you have problems, you can change your modem to factory settings by reviewing how do factory reset.  Once you have entered the Admin Login, you can perform all the settings you want via this interface (Wifi Password Recovery, Nat, DNS, Firewall, Mac Filter, Qos, Broadband, DHCP etc.).

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