Manufacturers create a admin panel so that they can be set up with modems. This panel allows users to define a modem ip so that they can make adjustments, troubleshoot, and so on. This panel allows users to make modem ip assignments so that they can make adjustments, troubleshoot, etc. on the modems.

One of these is the ip number. You can use the ip number to reach the admin panel of your modem. If you can not enter the modem interface from this ip number, this ip is not your ip address  if you do not see the username and password screen of modem on the screen. To find out the ip number you can reach to modem, you can check the find router ip address. Admin Login

To access the interface of your modem, type at the address line of your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla firefox, Google chrome) and press enter.

If you get a window that displays the username and password of the modifier in order to enter into the response management panel, it means that you have taken the first step towards reaching the modem interface.

If you have not changed the username and password on this screen before, you can access it from the booklet supplied with the modem or by checking the default router password list location.

how to change router password ?

If you can not log in with the username and password information from the default router password list or the modems booklet after you have reached the modem interface with on the address line, you have already changed and remembered your modem’s password. At this stage, you can log in with your default username and password after you have reset your modem to factory settings.

After you log in, the password change window appears on the screen. Here you can change your modem password (there may be differences for each modem). Here you can change your modem password by typing your current password and new password. With this option, you can change the modem password in the admin panel in the modem interface.


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