Easiest Way to Prepare Tasty New England Clam and Shrimp Chowder

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New England Clam and Shrimp Chowder. Peel shrimp, and devein, if desired; set aside. Drain the clam juice into the pot and set clams to the side. Add paprika, bay leaf, salt & pepper.

New England Clam and Shrimp Chowder Being a southerner who grew up with canned clam chowder, I prefer my soup a little thicker than the true New England version. This is the very best chowder I have ever had. I'm not sure as to the origin as I only have an old weathered copy from some cook book but their is no name visible. You take care of business browning poach New England Clam and Shrimp Chowder applying 19 prescription together with 7 as a consequence. Here is how you sew up.

method of New England Clam and Shrimp Chowder

  1. Prepare 15 slice of pepperoni.
  2. It's 4 slice of bacon.
  3. You need 16 large of shrimp, shells removed and deveined.
  4. Prepare 3 medium of red potatos peeled and cubed.
  5. You need 1/4 stalk of celery,minced.
  6. Prepare 1/4 of of a carrot, minced.
  7. It's 4 of garlic cloves, minced.
  8. Prepare 1 medium of onion, chopped.
  9. You need 2 large of carrots, sliced.
  10. Prepare 1/4 cup of dry white wine.
  11. You need 3 cup of chicken broth.
  12. It's 1/2 tsp of thyme.
  13. You need 1/2 of juice of one lemon about 2 tablespoons.
  14. Prepare 1/2 tsp of salt.
  15. Prepare 3/4 tsp of black pepper.
  16. It's 1 tsp of red hot sauce such as franks red hot.
  17. You need 1 cup of heavy cream.
  18. You need 2 tbsp of fresh chopped parsley.
  19. Prepare 50 of fresh littleneck clams,steamed in a large pot in 2 cups of bottled clam juice just until opemed, remove clams from shell, set aside ,keeo whole,and discard shells and strain clam cooking liquid and save.

I have added the large shrimp and the garlic to kick up the flavour. It is best served with a pan bread like the one in my other recipes and flavour the bread with cheddar and fresh dill. New England Seafood Chowder: A Versatile Family Meal. Since, my Mom is from Maine, chowders were a winter staple in our house growing up.

New England Clam and Shrimp Chowder instructions

  1. In a large soup pot cook pepperoni and bacon until crisp, remove to drain on paper towels.
  2. Add the minced vegetables to the pot and soften adding a bit of butter if needed do not brown.
  3. Add wine to deglaze pan and cook until almost gone, then add clam broth, chicken stock, chopped onion, sliced carrot and celery, lemon, salt, pepper , thyme, potato, and red hot, bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer until all vegetables are tender and broth has reduced some. Skim off any excess grease from top of soup.
  4. Add cream and parsley and cook until desired thickness. Keep in mind this soup is not a real thick chowder just nice and creamy..
  5. Add shrimp and whole clams to soup bring to a simmer then Turn off heat cover and let shrimp cook through about 10 minutes. serve.
  6. This is a real New England chowder with our family addition of pepperoni and shrimp, its not super thick it is more of a creamy chowder with no thickeners. A regular growing up my Mother would make wild blueberry muffins from blueberries we picked to go with it!!.
  7. Add cooked crumbled pepperoni right before serving.

We would have the classic corn chowder, clam chowder, or even fish chowder, but it was always a treat when she would make a seafood chowder. My New England seafood chowder is just the way a really great seafood chowder should be: creamy, rich, not overly thick, and jam-packed with hunks of seafood. To ease the pain of shucking clams and to reduce the cooking time, I quickly steamed a bunch of little neck clams and two lobster tails, then removed all of the shells. Drain on paper towels, reserving the bacon fat in the pan, crumble and set aside. New England style: the traditional potatoes, onion, and chopped clams in a broth with a base of heavy cream Manhattan: thinner than New England chowder, with a cream and tomato base Rhode Island style: usually a clear broth with chopped clams, potatoes, onion, and bacon, but can also be made with a clear tomato broth.