Find router ip address


Find router ip address

To reach the modem interface and make all the necessary settings, we first need to know the find router ip address operation. These ip numbers appear as 192.168.x.x and 10.0.0.x. The ip number always consists of numbers.  We only find a lot of misguided ip information in Web search engines.

(E.g.,  192.168.l.l , 168.192.l.l , 192.168.l.0 , 192.168.l.2 ,  192.168.2.l , 192.168.o.1 , 192.168.O.l , 10.O.O.1, 10.O.O.l , 10.O.O.2 , 192.168.10.l , 192.168.lO.1). Remember, the ip can not be a letter.

Now, let’s examine how to find router ip address on Windows platform.


Start – Run or type CMD into the search field to display the command line

Type ipconfig at the command line and press enter

Appear on the screen the number in front of the default gateway is the ip address that will provide your modem’s reach

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