To access the router  interface, type the corresponding modem ip number (find router ip address) at the address line.

Enter the modem user name and password on the incoming screen.

If you get an error, the default modem username and password are probably incorrect or changed.

If you do not remember, we need to reset the modem to factory settings, so we need to perform modem reset.

  • First, we take our modem to the off position.
  • Turn off the modem, press the modem reset key on the back of the modem with a pen or similar object.
  • press on button of modem, while the modem reset button is pressed.
  • Hold down the modem reset button until all the modem lights are off and lights up again. (about 20 seconds)
  • Leave the Modem Reset button
  • Wait until the DSL and power lights are steadily lit after this stage.
  • you can reach the modem interface by typing the ip address (find router ip address) you used in the address section of your browser (internet explorer & chrome).
  • You can now log in by typing the default user name and router password (default router password list)

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