Wifi Password Recovery


Wifi Password Recovery


You need to be connected to a computer system (notebook, etc.) for wifi password recovery on any wireless modem where your computer is wirelessly connected.

If you are connected to the internet wirelessly from the computer but you forget the wireless password or you want to use the password on a mobile device but you can not remember it, right click on the network icon next to the clock on the bottom right of the screen you are using for wifi password recovery and open the network and sharing center.

We click on the blue wi-fi link in the link at the top right of the window that appears.

In the window that shows Wi-Fi Status, we click on “wireless properties” and move to the window that opens.

When you check “Show characters” under “Network security key” you can learn the wireless password you are using, you have completed the wifi password recovery process


When you purchase your modem-specific wifi password and wifi name, it is written in the booklet that came with the modem or under your modem device.

Knowing your current password can cause legal problems or cause your internet kiosk to run faster and slow down your internet speed.

If you forget your Wifi password, you can do the wifi password recovery yourself. This information is kept in the mode you are using.

You can access the ip information needed for modifying access using the find router ip address location.

Once you have learned the ip address of your modem, you can access the modem interface by examining the default router password list location to learn the user name and password of your modem.

Any brand of modem with Modem Admin panel may come out with different interfaces.

Usually “Network setting” etc. we can perform Wifi Password Recovery under the sections that appear with the names.

Do not forget to save after the changes made.

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